Why choose Lot 11?

LOT11 is everywhere.

Buy, sell and bid on property from anywhere in the world.

LOT11 is market leading

New properties can be added up to three weeks before the auction date.

LOT11 is immediate

Addendums and live notifications are published as soon as they happen, so there are no nasty surprises at the last minute.

LOT11 gives you certainty

Lots are scheduled with fixed start times so you can plan your time efficiently.

LOT11 is financially efficient

When you sell with LOT11 your solicitors will receive cleared deposit funds in their account within 48 hours of the auction.

LOT11 is responsive

Incredibly user friendly being available on all platforms: mobile, tablet and PC.

LOT11 is national

Do you have multiple properties in different locations? No problem. Because LOT11 is an online auction house geography doesn’t matter. You can list everything here.

LOT11 is discreet

If discretion and anonymity are important to you, LOT11 allows you to protect your identity and bid with a pseudonym.

LOT11 is well-informed

LOT11 monitors data and target analytics and maintains a world-wide list of investors and potential buyers.

LOT11 is dynamic

Bespoke auctions tailor – made to you.

Swift and convenient, with no entry fees